Lessons at Home

Just not getting how to apply makeup?

Been doing the same look for years?

Now you can have a makeup lesson at your own level in the comfort of your own home or hotel. 

We'll arrive at your chosen location and set up ready for an in-depth makeup overhaul. Get out of those old habits and form nice new ones that'll benefit your features instead of dragging them down. 

It's time to shake up your makeup with one of our pro artists who'll be at your beck and call (well, for two hours anyway) 

Add your goal pals in a group lesson (5 min) and crack open the fizz for an evening of talking and learning with makeup. 

You'll enjoy how easy it is even though you don't know what to do right now, we're confident you'll new tricks to lift, freshen and give you the confidence you've always wanted when it coms to your makeup routine. 

We offer daily lessons with wednesday being the busiest. Book early to avoid any more makeup mistakes!