Our Skin Care System

Lynette's passion for flawless skin is evident in this luxury range, from the natural ingredients to the moisture barrier that's created between your skin and the makeup products you wear daily, leaving your skin hydrated and protected.

The main focus was to create a range to keep make-up products lasting longer and to help shorten the process of healing from everyday, tweezing, waxing and skin post peel.

Our skin care is for every skin type and loved by ultra sensitive and post surgery skin.

Our no fuss system turns a daily routine into a luxury treat for your skin.


Cleanse using our Lights Out! makeup remover and purifying cleansing milk.
Drench the skin with hydration using moisture-retentive skin drench.
Revitalise the eyes with moisture-rich nourishing eye balm.
Condition the skin using moisture-retaining, nourishing skin cream


Sketch out the eyes for full-size potential using our Shadow Palettes.
Buff your skin into a fresh, flawless face using a variation of our lightweight bases.
Pout with pride using our creamy texture lipsticks and super shiny glosses.


One spritz or our perfecting mist and makeup is set with minimal touch-ups.