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As a makeup specialist of twenty years and recently beauty columnist, I've been fortunate enough to create beauty for thousands of women and men, this means thousands of eye shapes, skin complaints and questions I've answered. (or tried to) With this in mind the Lynette Page Artistry group was formed to offer beauty products, tools, services and training to all that love beauty and looking their best whether it's everyday or every year I'm here to help. 

I've always had this crazy idea to create my own line of beauty products and accessories, (probably whilst I was butchering my mums Heather Shimmer lippy age 6)  I always thought i'd do it differently by cutting out the cheesy department store patter and giving honest and valuable experiences, whilst helping to educate and empower women to make the correct product and beauty style choice to complement their skin tone, eye colour and face shape.

With this dream came a passion to beautify naturally by enhancing what you have and not hiding behind the "Makeup mask" or shall we now say the "Instagram look" and learn to love you, just the way you are, enhanced to the hilt of course! lol 

Our SIX Beauty Concierge team are carefully selected on experience, technique and training. They are highly vetted and are all fully insured in their field. All artists and therapists have had two years plus experience and ongoing training to offer the very best to our SIX clientele.Privacy and discretion is our ethos along with an eye for detail and impeccable customer service. 

Services and Products

Our product selection is varied amongst the high end brands such as Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury and our very own Lynette Page products and brushes. Our aim is to supply ladies and gents with cosmetics and treatments that are cruelty-free and free of any nasties for the best ongoing results. 

We offer; Blow dry's, Tanning, Gel nails, Makeup, Microblading all at your home or hotel.

You can check out my "Beauty Matters" column for In-cheshire magazine where I review and chat about my fave products here: Beauty Matters Article

Applying make-up is a joy for me and I believe every woman should feel confident and empowered when having makeup applied and applying their own make-up. That's where SIX steps in. 

 Regards Lynette 

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