My dream was to create my own line of beauty products whilst helping to educate and empower women to make the correct product choice to complement their skin tone and eye colour. 

Behind this dream is a passion to beautify ladies by naturally enhancing what you have and not hiding behind the "Makeup mask" Learn to love you just the way you are, So at SIX by Lynette Page, we design and create the perfect look with styling just for you. 

No more mismatch colours and hard to achieve looks - just the right shades, tones and techniques overtime.

Our SIX beauty concierge brings the salon to you offering the most in demand beauty services. Privacy and discretion is our ethos along with a genuine opinion and good old fashioned customer service. 

Creativity in Cosmetics

Our product development team has expertise in new product formulation and development for an extensive range of products and exceptional knowledge of Colour Theory matching.

Using the laws of Colour Theory, we design highly pigmented products with innovative formulas to create beautiful textures that enhance beauty rather than mask it. We believe in clean products and LP pro products are Paraben-free and Sulphate-free, brushes are non-animal hair and vegan offering a beautiful finish and flawless skin like texture to your skin. 

With our passion for beauty and an eye for detail we continue to research and develop new formulas to ensure we can always offer new and exciting seasonal products.

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and combined with skincare to offer an invisable feel whilst wearing.

We are a animal friendly brand with all products and tools being cruelty-free.

Applying make-up is a joy for me and I believe every woman should feel confident and empowered when having makeup applied and applying their own make-up. That's where SIX steps in. 

 Regards Lynette 

Image of Lynette Page brand owner